Borja Golán


Professional Squash Player since 2002 his highest world ranking was number 5 in the world (April 2014). Two times European Champion and 16 times Spanish national Champion Borja still on the top 30 in the Psa Rankings with 38 years. Apart from his career as a player Borja graduated in Journalism for the University of Santiago de Compostela (USC) and he has been organising and coaching differently junior and senior camps for the last 20 years. At the moment Borja is the Director and coach of the academy and also the Galician National Coach. During the last 2 decades Borja was coaching and organacing camps with the company Worldenjoyer around Europe and since last year is the promotor and coach in the International Camps of Urban Squash Cleveland in Ohio (United States).


His main goal is that any player can reach to his maximum potential, enjoy the trainings and competitions and become authentic warriors on the court. And most important they become good people outside the court.

Former Spanish National coach who won with the Spanish Junior Team the only gold medal in the history of our country in Wales in 1996. Former Galician number one in the 90’s Jesús was playing for the Spanish National Squad as a player. In the last years he became one of the best players on the Master tournaments around Europe being silver European medal in the categories +40 and +45. Jesús has a university degree in Sports Science for the University of Santiago de Compostela (USC). Since 1997 is the coach of Borja Golán being a pillar on his evolution as a professional player. Jesús will put on this project all his experience as a coach to take the best of any player who come to the academy.

Jesús Souto


Pablo Rodríguez


Pablo is a National Squash coach with more than 12 years of experience. He has been training club players as Martina Flores or Lucas Castillo (Spanish champions), Fernando Ferrer o Mauro Vilas (Galician champions) or Inés Gómez (one of the best players in Spain). As a player Pablo was one of the best Galician junior payers of his age group and still playing at good level. In the last years has been helping players as Borja Golán and Carlos Cornes for his international tournaments so he also have experience working with top athletes. His objective is take the best from each player and promote values as respect, tolerance, honesty and responsibility.

Physical coach with a degree, Higher Technician in Physical and Sports Activities with a Master’s Degree in High Performance Training, André will be the phisical coach for the academy. In the last decade he has been working with professional athletes, triathletes and cyclist. In squash he was the phisical coach of Carlos Cornes for 2 years and with him Carlos reach his highest international ranking. André is a passionate of his job, and his philosophy is developing his work based on the constant learning applying what the science is teaching us and adapting this to his plannification helping the players to reach his goals.

André will help Individually each player to improove his fitness condition but also will help the players with a monthly programme of nutrition and supplements that give the player and extra support.

André García

Physical trainer

Lucía Nieto


Former Spanish junior champion and gold medal in the Spanish junior team in 1996 Lucía is now Bachelor of Science in Physical Activity and Sports with a degree in Physiotherapy. At the moment Lucía is the Director of the Clinic of Phisiotherapy and sports rehabilitation Simetría Hexagonal. His speciality is the correction and anylisis of the movement. Nowadays Lucía is working with Spanish National Champion, Marta Domínguez. In the past decade she was working as a Phisio and rehabilitation trainer for the indoor football team of the first Division Burela (2013-2014) and for the Women Galician National Squad for the indoor football (2014-2018).

Bachelor in medicine and surgery for the University of Santiago de Compostela he specialised in orthopaedic surgery and traumatology. He has a few important Masters in medicine. Also he has a FIFA Diploma in Football Medicine and is pursuing his PhD. Last year he was the responsible of the medical services of the CD Lugo (football team on the Spanish 2nd division).

In the academy he will be the responsible of the medical services of the academy. In case any player is injury or need his advice he will be there to support and advice all the players of the academy.

Dr. Adrián Gallego


Pascal Gómez

Sports Psychologist

Bachelor in Psichology for the University of Santiago de Compostela (USC) and with a Master in Sport Psichology Pascal speaks fluidly English and french. As a player Pascal is the Galician champion, one of the best players in Spain and also play a few years the PSA Word Tour. Nowadays is the practice trainer of Borja Golán. His mission as a sport psicologist is to help the player mentally to reach his full potential on their trainings and most important, on their competitions.
Former amateur rugby player and Profesional basketball coach Isaac has been working as a sports masseuse for the last 25 years. In all those years he has been working with professional athletes from running, rugby, basketball, cycling, squash, etc. Since 1997 is working with Borja Golán. Isaac will be working with all the players to recover their bodies after the tough training sessions.

Isaac Barreiro