The players will have squash sessions in 4 courts of the highest quality, and conditioning sessions with the physical trainer in the many exercise rooms available. Besides being able to work with the different professionals of the academy, each player will have it’s own Squash Santiago membership card which gives access to the spa and all of the activities offered by the club including the cardio-fitness zone and the weight room. 

The Squash Club Santiago is a reference club nationwide that has 25,000m2 of state-of-the-art facilities. In addition to the 4 squash courts, it has 3 indoor swimming pools and one more outside, 7 paddle courts, 7 tennis courts, a spa and water zone, 8 multipurpose rooms, 2 cardio-fitness rooms, a restaurant and a coffe shop. An inspiring and ideal environment for an athlete to train to the fullest with the highest performance. 

From my point of view, experience has taught me that in and individual sport teamwork is of vital importance. A player needs to be supported and well advised to reach it’s full potential. The appearance of injuries, a bad planning, lack of motivation, having nerves when competing, little rest or a sub optimal diet can result in a player performing below it’s best and, above all, without any enjoyment. We have put together a team that will ensure all the pieces work correctly in the athlete's gear so that it reaches its maximum potential.