Psa Career (2002-2021)
32 Psa titles
43 Psa finals
20 seasons playing the Psa tour
9 years on the top 20
27 months in the top 10
548 matches
357 wins (65,15%)
Best results in Super Series events:
Hong Kong finalist 2013.
Hong Kong semifinalist 2014.
Qatar Classic semifinalist 2013.
Windy City Open semifinalist 2017.
2 times quarter finalist in the World Open.
4 times quarter finalist in Super Series events.
Representing Spain:
2 times European champion:
Prague (Czech Republic) 2016.
Graz (Austria) 2018.
European Team Championships 2019 (England):

Silver medal with Spain (best result in history).
21 European consecutive playing for Spain

Best result in other Psa Tournaments:
Sporta Open Champion (50k) 2016. Guatemala
Montreal Open Champion 2013 (35k) and 2018 (25k). Canada
Manitoba Open Champion 2012 (35k) and 2008 (15k). Canada
Santiago Open Champion 2008 (30k) and 2011 (25k)
Motor City Open Champion 2009 (35k). EEUU
Dayton Open Champion 2013 (35k). EEUU
CCI International Open Champion 2015 (35k). India
Windy City Open Champion 2012 (25k). EEUU
Spanish Open Champion 2008 (20k).
Bogotá Open Champion 2007 (20k). Colombia
CAS International Champion 2006 (25k). Pakistan
2nd place International de France 2008 (50k)
2nd place Kuwait Open 2013 (50k)
First PSA event win: Megaitalia Open (Italy). May 2002.

Coach experience:
Promoter and organiser of the Borja Golan Squash Camps for 6 years
Working with Worldenjoyer Squash Camps for the last 20 years.
Galician National coach (2021)

My story

At the age of 9, I was captured by squash and it has never let me escape since. The following year I got to be the first Galician to win a Spanish Championship, in the U10 category. At 14, I became Galician Champion and having to face the elders, the preparation started to be different. I always enjoyed training and the harder the training, the better.

At the age of 16 I made my debut with the Spanish National Team and reached the final of the British Open Under 17. Traveling alone to that tournament made me mature a lot. When I came of age, I was convinced I wanted to be a professional squash player, or at least, try becoming one; so, I went to live in England alongside John Milton. Within a year I already knew what it took to succeed: train every day to the limit, follow John’s advice and compete without being afraid of anything or anyone.

Ambition and humility had to coexist.

In 2002 I got my professional license from the PSA (Professional Squash Association). I also took the opportunity to study Journalism so, in case I wasn’t able to make a living out of squash, I was still able to dedicate myself to something that I liked. After several years of preparation and many trips I achieved my first big milestone, to get among the 10 best players in the world (Sep2009). I was the first Spanish-speaking player to do it.

But just as life does, sport gives you good and not so good moments, and the same month I got my best ranking I was seriously injured: I torn my ACL. This me made me lose my ranking and
drop to the 106th position only 8 months after having reached my highest place.

But there was only one thought in my mind: keep overcoming barriers. So, I did it. In April 2014, I managed to rise to number 5 in the world ranking.

In all these years I have always been setting goals and enjoying the way to fulfill them. As an athlete, I am not afraid of missing or failing. The only thing I wouldn’t forgive myself for would be not giving 100%, that’s why I always prepare thoroughly and try to arrive in the best shape to all my competitions. After having won the championship of Spain and twice the European, I still have many goals, perhaps not of the same magnitude but just as exciting.

And one of those goals is the one that I present to you here: to be able to instill my work ethic and way to see the sport and the competition to the new generations. To be able to grow with them, guide them on this beautiful path, enjoy the good times with them and offer them a
hand in the not so good ones.

I’m waiting here for you, to be able to help you with all my energy to fulfill your dreams. Why?

Because there isn’t anything more interesting and motivating than this for me. That is why I am here, for YOU.